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Employer Violator System

Senate Bill 2013, passed by the Legislature in July, 2003, required the Workers’ Compensation Commission (“WCC”) implement an Employer Violator System (“EVS”). The purpose of the EVS is to identify individuals and employers who are in default on any premium or other monies owed the WCC. As a violator listed on the EVS, you are prohibited from obtaining or maintaining any license, certificate or permit issued by the state until all moneys owed to the WCC are paid or you have entered into and remain in compliance with a repayment agreement.

If your name appears on the EVS, then the WCC has determined that you own, control, or have a ten percent or more ownership interest in a company currently on the WCC DEFAULT LIST. You will not be able to obtain any state license, certificate, or permit, nor will any company created in the future which you own, control, or have a ten percent or more ownership interest in, until the outstanding balance is paid or a repayment agreement is established. Your name will not be removed from the EVS until then.

Please contact the Offices of the Insurance Commissioner Revenue Recovery Unit at (304) 558-1200 to arrange for payment in full, discuss the terms of a repayment agreement, or to otherwise discuss the circumstances that gave rise to your inclusion on the EVS.